1st Vice President

Eran Heissler

I am currently serving the SilverHawk H.O.A. as president, a position that I maintained for the last 13 years and have been on the board for the past 15 years. My interests for doing this is to keep our neighborhood as a safe and beautiful place to live. I have managed this by keeping our budget in a large surplus and maintaining H.O.A. fees under check.

Our neighborhood has enjoyed excellent standards in living and is a prime living community that is admired by other H.O.A.s. We have maintained security levels at the highest since my presidency of SilverHawk and therefore, the H.O.A. is kid safe and crime free.

My main reason for being on the Tarzana Neighborhood Council Board is to implement these qualities outside of our neighborhood gates in order to keep Tarzana- a safe, friendly and desirable place to live.

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