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Jeff Mausner

I’ve lived in Tarzana with my family for 32 years. My three children have all attended public schools in Tarzana from 1st-12th grades, at SOCES, Wilbur Avenue Elementary, and Tarzana Elementary. I’m a Board Member and the 2nd Vice President of the Tarzana Neighborhood Council (TNC), and Chairman of its Animal Welfare Committee (AWC). 
The AWC deals with issues involving the West Valley City Animal Shelter (where I’m also a Volunteer); opposition to killing healthy, adoptable dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals at the City Animal Shelters; helping with adoptions of dogs and cats; assisting animal rescue organizations; and wild animals and animal diseases, to name a few. We have developed and are developing programs to increase adoptions of animals. I believe that animals, and the people who care about them, should have a voice on the neighborhood council.  Our Animal Welfare Committee has received numerous awards for its work, including the Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils “Best of Award” for 2017, for “Engaging the City to Save the Lives of Hundreds of Animals.”  See: http://northvalleyreporter.com/engaging-the-city-to-save-the-lives-of-hundreds-of-animals-tarzana-neighborhood-council/
The TNC Animal Welfare Committee has also received awards from Assemblymember Matt Dababneh and Congressman Brad Sherman for its work.
We urge Tarzana stakeholders who are interested in animal welfare to join our committee.  Even if you are not a Tarzana stakeholder, you are always welcome at our committee meetings and we would like to hear your concerns and suggestions.
I’m a retired attorney and Adjunct Professor of Law. Prior to moving to Tarzana, I was a Federal Prosecutor in Washington D.C. with the United States Justice Department Office of Special Investigations.  This is the unit of the Justice Department that prosecuted Nazi war criminals. For more information, please see my website: http://mausnerlaw.com/about_us

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