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CONTACT: Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance Liaisons Christopher Ahuja at [email protected] or Terry Saucier at [email protected]

The Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance Liaison works with the Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance (NCSA) to inform the TNC about NCSA initiatives and to help the NCSA in their efforts to advance sustainability and resilience across Los Angeles through advocacy, sharing of best practices, and community action.

The NCSA holds regular public forums and events, and collaborates with Neighborhood Councils, public agencies, and environmental and other community organizations to support effective engagement on L.A.’s Sustainable City Plan, climate action, and other timely sustainability issues.

The NCSA board is composed of stakeholders from Neighborhood Councils across the City of Los Angeles. 

Some NCSA Initiatives that have been passed by the TNC Board include:

  • 100% Renewable by 2030 - the TNC passed the following motion on Dec., 13, 2016:  The TNC supports the Sustainability Alliance’s recommendation that the City of Los Angeles set a goal of 100% renewable energy by 2030. Motion passed, Dec. 13, 2016
  • STAND-LA 2,500’ buffer zone for oil drilling - the TNC passed the following motion on Oct. 24, 2017: Resolved: The Tarzana Neighborhood Council Board supports the establishment of a human health and safety buffer that prohibits oil drilling within a buffer zone of not less than 2500’ of sensitive land uses that may include but are not limited to homes, schools, early childhood centers, senior centers, hospitals and medical clinics, parks, and other sensitive uses. Further, that the President is directed to file a Community Impact Statement supporting Council File 17-0447 directing various city agencies to determine the need for a buffer, the distance from such sensitive uses and how not to violate State and Federal law.   

To learn more about the NCSA visit Inquiries can be directed to: [email protected] or Tarzana Neighborhood Council NCSA Liaisons Christopher Ahuja and Terry Saucier.

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