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Joyce Greene
Board Of Governors

Over 20 years ago I discovered Tarzana while doing residential security patrol in the San Fernando Valley.
I found Tarzana to be the friendliest, most diverse and well governed district on my patrol. For this reason I felt Tarzana to be the place for me.
Currently, I serve as a board member on Tarzana Neighborhood Council, co-chair TNC Energy & Environment Committee, and liaison between NC Department of Water and Power Memorandum Of Understanding Oversight Committee and the TNC.
Based on concerns expressed to me by stakeholders, my goal for Tarzana is to create a sustainable community by doing the following:
·educate on Carbon Footprint Reduction
·heighten awareness of Storm Drain Run Off/Rain Water Capture & consequences if neglected.
·help establish a Full Service Recycle Center.
·create more Community Gardens
·create a Green Legislation Calendar.
I am passionate about serving Tarzana.
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