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A workshop entitled Pets In Rental Housing will be held at the West Valley Shelter on Monday, December 11 at 10:30 AM. The flyer for the workshop is to the left. This is an excellent seminar; I've attended it at least twice already. It's good for Volunteers and others involved in animal rescue to learn about tenants' rights in regard to their pets -- this will help you to help potential adopters who live in rental housing, and to help people who are faced with having to surrender their pets because of their landlords. I learned in this workshop the benefits to landlords of allowing pets; for example, tenants with pets generally stay longer, vacancy rates in buildings that allow pets are generally lower, tenants with pets generally make better tenants. Please see the attached handout, which is just one of many you will receive at the workshop. Please let anyone who might be interested in this workshop know about it. Thanks.