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Animal Welfare Featured Shelter Animals | Lost & Found Animals | Trainers Who Make a Difference SAVE A DOG’S LIFE OVER THE 4TH OF JULY HOLIDAY Dogs are very fearful of fireworks. Please make sure that your dog is secure during the 4th of July period, as dogs often run away when they hear loud noises like fireworks. Please check your yard to make sure there is no way for your dog to get away. And on the evening of the 4th, if you are out at a fireworks display, it is best to keep your dog in the house so there is no chance of it running away. The same is true of cats and other animals. Los Angeles City Animal Shelters receive a large temporary influx of dogs (and to a lesser extent cats and rabbits) over the 4th of July period. This influx starts in late June, when people start setting off fireworks. Citizens who find run-away dogs, as well as City Animal Control Officers who catch them, bring them into the Shelters to care for them. Most of these animals are redeemed by their owners within several weeks. But while they are at the Shelter, they occupy a kennel, which can cause overcrowding at the Shelters. In the past, if the Shelter became overcrowded, dogs would be killed to make room for these new dogs coming in. We are implementing a “Temporary Animal Foster Parent Program” at the West Valley Shelter, to prevent the killing of any healthy adoptable dogs over the 4th of July period for lack of space. Members of the public will be able to foster a dog (or cat or rabbit) in their homes for several weeks during the 4th of July period if kennel space is needed. If you are interested in becoming a Temporary Animal Foster Parent Volunteer, please fill out the application which can be found at: Send your completed application, along with a copy of your driver's license, to [email protected] If your application is approved by the Los Angeles Animal Services Department, you will be placed on a list and will receive an email from the Shelter if there is a need for temporary fosters. If you foster a dog and it ends up that you want to keep the dog permanently, you can go through the adoption process. Otherwise, the dog will be returned to the Shelter. If you have any questions, you can contact the Tarzana Neighborhood Council Animal Welfare Committee at: [email protected] or use the contact form at: