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Disaster Information

Benefits of Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Preparation


There are real benefits to being prepared.


Being prepared can reduce fear, anxiety, and losses that accompany disasters. Communities, families, and individuals should know what to do. Preparing for an emergency now, provides you your best chance of survival, in the event of an actual emergency. Emergency preparedness should always be considered in the home and workplace for any unexpected event. Emergency, crisis and disaster preparation could greatly increase the operational readiness and resilience of our Tarzana community residents and businesses to respond to, and recover from, a major incident that could significantly disrupt our community by providing a plan of action to accomplish the following goals:


·           Safety of human life


·           Protection of property



The following are a handful of key emergency preparedness internet web site links:


FEMA – Make an Emergency Plan:



FEMA – Build an Emergency Kit:



FEMA – Earthquakes:


Red Cross – Get a Kit. Make a Plan. Be Informed:




Red Cross – Power Outages:


Wildfires – Prevention and Education:



US Department of Homeland Security:


National Terror Alert Response Center – Emergency Preparedness:




Other regional web site links for the City and County of Los Angeles and California:

·         LA County Emergency Survival program –

·         City of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department–

·         Ready LA -

·         LAFD – Emergency Preparedness Pamphlet:

·         California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (OES) –

·         California Digital Information Services -

·         California Emergency Management Agency –

·         California Seismic Safety Commission –

·         Cal -Tech Earthquake Information Links and Resources –

·         Emergency Network of Los Angeles –

·         Southern California Earthquake Data Center –

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